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Pick your own salad

Before this year, I hadn't eaten anything that I have grown, not including the bushy basil and coriander that has been flourishing on the balcony. When I mean eat, I mean picking something of substance and enjoying it on my plate before scoffing it down. 

This has now happened. I was sent back from England over Easter with handfuls of seed packets. One of these being 'cut and come again' salad leaves. It couldn't have been easier to sow, grow and now pick. The speed at which the leaves come through is extremely satisfying and exciting; they sprout up within days and resemble salad leaves within a week or two. My box of leaves just keeps getting bushier.

I have been taking it one step at a time with my plants as I am terrified of killing them. Once I manage to conquer one packet of seeds, I move onto something slightly more daring and see if I can succeed. Thanks to the speedy result of the salad leaves, my next victim will be rocket, with the aim of spicing up the salad bowl a bit.

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  1. Rosie!! :) Fellow blogger woop woop! Hope you're good, thought I'd stop by and leave a comment because if you're like me you probably love them. Your salad looks amazing! Shame the heat got to it... I've just planted some veg in our garden and have no idea whether it will actually grow since I have no idea what I'm doing, but we'll see.

    You can see my blog at http://www.songssillinessandsuch.co.uk

    Saskia xx