Bigger and Better


Moving House

Last year was an extremely busy one. I graduated university, moved to Italy, changed city, got a job, moved in with the man and changed house. All in one year. Busy busy busy.

It was sad moving out of a house that holds such special memories from my Erasmus year in Ferrara and the start of living here this time around. We are, however, moving on to bigger and better things. 

The new house had to be gutted after many years of grubby students being grubby in it. Peeling back the sixties wallpaper, the painter unveiled newspapers dating back to that time, which were great fun to look at; with old-fashioned pictures and dodgy headlines.

The most exciting part about the new house is without a doubt the ample outside space; a kitchen balcony and terrace. 

My dream of growing my own herbs so that I can cook with them is now seeming likely...if I don't kill them all. Watch this space!

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