Sneeze-Free Bell Tent


I love Wight

Popping home and being pampered for a week or two after being away in another country, culture and weather system is a real treat. In August we finally got a bell tent after a couple of years deliberation. The push to buy it came when Giacomo was able to get time off work and come home with me. He had been over to the Isle of Wight with me three or four times previously but politely suffered and sneezed through his stays. Being allergic to dust, animals and feathers makes our house a contamination zone, with carpets, animals coming out of our ears and heavy feather duvets and pillows. 

A mutual excitement for camping meant that the proposal of sleeping in a tent for four nights instead of a comfy bed in the house went down extremely well. The results weren't soggy camping and almost more enticing than a warm bed in the house.

Mummy Mence didn't leave anything out; bunting, guitar, geraniums, rugs, oil lamps, luxury blow up bed, sweetie jar and the list goes on.

One of the most spoiling extras to the tent was the tea light chandelier. When lit, the tent was visible from the house as a glowing and welcoming love den and from the inside it was a sparkly princess tent. 

The tent was a huge success and has already been booked up for next summer. I won't be requesting it for my Christmas stay. Brrrr