Here we go


Kick up the arse...

My first oil paints were given to me for Christmas last year and have been sitting sad and untouched in the cupboard since then. The canvasses have been looking at me intimidatingly for the same amount of time, making me feel guilty for not daring to tear off the plastic and put paint on them. 

The same thing goes for the blog. I created it before christmas, set everything all up and named it. Every month I pluck up the courage to start writing and posting, but each post gets sent to the draft box and remains unpublished. 

Today I braved opening my oil paints for the first time and thought it was a good occasion to publish my first blog post. 

I spent last weekend with a friend who is also experiencing the same fear of publishing then publicising her blog. This anguish stems from the numerous blogs that get sent to you on facebook every other day and not wanting to become one of those. She informed me that this fear also is part of my quarter-life crisis; being nearly 25 and fresh out of university, most of my generation is currently experiencing the sentiment of inadequacy after a lifetime of confidence coming from the support of the education system. She told me to get on with it. Here we go...

Last summer Giacomo came over to the Isle of Wight to stay with me and my family. We are lucky to have a steady stream of pheasants that stroll through the garden as if it were their own, a sight not so common in the city streets of Ferrara. After seeing the little fellas wandering around, we did the usual exchange of english and italian words, the italian word for pheasant being fagiano, and then carried on with whatever we were previously doing. The next morning when we came down for breakfast my father had an excited outburst shouting, 'look Giacomo, phesantiiiii', to which we all giggled. The turning of an english word into an italian 'sounding' one is something that I do almost everyday living in Italy, stumbling and bumbling with the italian language and making mistakes that I am completely oblivious to, resulting in chuckles at my expense. 

I thought that a blog could be a great way of documenting my first year living in Italy and my daily blunders that are so common amongst foreigners getting by abroad.